Self-portait by Parisa Parnian. Mixed media: watercolor on paper; digital illustration

Self-portait by Parisa Parnian. Mixed media: watercolor on paper; digital illustration

As the founder of Savage Muse, Parisa Parnian is combining her extensive experience in fashion design, textile design & illustration with her focus on radical style, social activism and exploring inter-sectional identities and themes in art and culture.

Her passion for color, textiles, global design inspiration, revolutionary fashion movements and style icons are the foundation of her current visual art and design practice. 

Parisa has over 10 years of combined experience as a lead designer at global fashion brands including The Gap, GUESS and Target, with a particular emphasis on streetwear, print/graphic design and unisex fashion.

She has had a life-long quest for identifying emerging markets and creating innovative products for people who live outside of the binary and other social contructs. This area of focus led her to launch one of the first lifestyle apparel brands that celebrated the gender non-conforming and genderqueer fashion movement, called RIGGED OUT/fitters. This lifestyle brand not only broke traditional fashion industry gender boundaries, but also was a pioneer in the e-commerce, online-only retail platform at a time when brick and mortar was still the retail platform for most fashion labels.

In addition to her experience designing for global fashion labels and launching her own revolutionary online lifestyle brand, Parisa has also run her own textile design studio in Brooklyn, NY and taught her innovative "Alternative Bodies" curriculum as a Senior Lecturer at San Francisco's California College of Art.

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