I've decided to switch the menu up a bit for the third installation of the SAVAGE MUSE POP-UP DINNER SERIES and introduce this incredibly savory and unique wild salmon dish that I recently created in my kitchen.

This roasted fillet of salmon is topped with carmelized turmeric onion, tart barberries and some dried dill to round out the flavors with a little herbaceous lift to it.

Close-up of the wild salmon with carmelized turmeric onions and tart barberries. Photo: Parisa Parnian

For those of you who are not familiar with barberries, here is a little more information:  Barberries are these incredible savory and tart berries that come from a thorny bush.  Iranians called it "zereshk" and use the dried barberry in many dishes for its pleasant tart and fruity flavor.  Here is an article about the health benefits of barberries.

The barberry, also known by Iranians as "Zereshk".

All the other vegetarian dishes from the last pop-up dinner will still be on the menu for this third dinner in the series.  At the last pop-up, the guests were going nuts over the labne sumac dip that I served as part of the appetizer spread.  They seriously were devouring it like it was crack.  I will make sure that this dish is well represented again in the upcoming dinner!

The labne sumac dip before the attack by the guests began!  Photo by @workalook

Below is the official menu and posters for the third SAVAGE MUSE POP-UP DINNER.  If you would like reserve a seat(s), email me at or click here.

Contact me here if you would like to make a reservation for this dinner!

Contact me here if you'd like to make a reservation for the upcoming dinner!

Contact me here if you'd like to make a reservation for the upcoming dinner!